Senior Portrait Session with Mary // Wilmington Delaware // Rose Garden // Friends School

High school senior photography is always fun but Mary holds a special place in our family’s heart. She came to us at the age of 13 as our babysitter, my children referred to her as “May-May” and are always excited to see her. When she and her mom asked me to do her senior portrait session, of course I was more than happy to help. Mary has been a photo camp assistant to me, my dog sitter, babysitter and is am amazing young lady who, I’m quite sure, will do amazing things in her next chapter of life. Here are some photos of our session at the Rose Garden in downtown Wilmington, Delaware near the river. I’ve always wanted to do a session down along there and today was perfect weather (thanks, Mary, for getting up EARLY for this photoshoot!). One of the things I always ask my subjects is what they like to do, hobbies, interests etc. It’s a great way to guide the session and make my subject more comfortable, it also makes their photos more meaningful. Mary is involved in everything (as anyone knows this family, all of their girls are ! ) but one of the things Mary enjoys is tea. I thought it would be really sweet to have her sitting at a cafe, so ¬†we set out this morning and found an adorable spot in the Trolley Square area. We also wanted to incorporate her high school, The Friend’s School, so we ended there with a few images. The ivy covered wall and grey stone provided an excellent backdrop for us to use.


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