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Two ISPWP Winter 2020 Awards!

So about 3am last night I woke up (probably due to our kitten wanting to have a little late night play time ) . Well, I wasn’t going back to sleep with my toes being attacked so I headed to my phone to pass the time. I noticed ISPWP had posted the Winter 2020 contest results. The images are always inspiring and amazing so of course, this was where I headed to pass my insomnia last night. The second category is engagements and as I scrolled through the list, much to my surprise, there was one of my photos! These contests are extremely competitive and difficult to win so placing in one is always an honor (multiple awards is more like “whaaaaa, no way!!” . This engagement session from Longwood Gardens 16 place in the engagement session. I photographed Paige and James a few years back right when the grotto first opened at Longwood Gardens. I had visualised the shot the first time I went in, which happened to be opening day. Paige and James were the willing couple to stand for my experiment. Shot with a mag mod grid behind the couple , very minimal photoshop was done in post processing, just a little to make the sky a bit bluer and overall punch up the look a bit.

Engagement portrait award winner at Longwood Gardens
16th Place Winner in the Engagement Photos – Photo take at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square PA

As I kept viewing the images, even more to my surprise was a second place (yeah, now I’m in shock at this point!) in the bride and groom portrait images. Also, another image I had pre-visualized ahead of time (maybe there is something to pre-planning and thinking things out ahead of time). One thing I learned in commercial photography school (The Portfolio Center) was to visualise and sketch out the shot you wanted to create. In wedding photography, this is not always a luxury, much of the day is rushed and very much go with the flow (and what I really mean is, pants on fire kind of a day.. no time to plan typically) . However, the shot of Christan and Leon had been in my mind for months. The bridge, where the image was taken, sits outside of the gym where I work out. I kept thinking how amazing it would be to have a drone to shoot down on the next wedding I shot there. Thankfully my second shooter was kind enough to bring his along (thank you Kyle Teneyk for flying the camera for me to capture this one!) So as Kyle flew , I directed and clicked away , we captured a cool moment with the couple. I’m always thankful for couples who trust me and do things like lay down on a concrete bridge in their wedding dress so I can get the shot I want. Almost always my couples are game and I always try to make it worth the effort for them in the end. So in the end, I have to thank my couples from the bottom of my heart for trusting me and allowing me to create images I’ve concocted, without their trust, none of this happens!

Here is the second place winner in the winter 2020 ISPWP contest :

award winning drone wedding photo
2nd Place in the Bride and Groom Portraits in the Winter 2020 Photography Contest – Photo location: Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington Delaware


Dress: Jennifer’s Bridal

Locations: Longwood Gardens and Wilmington Country Club



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