Mothers and Their Children

Portrait Series, Mothers and Their Children – Wilmington, Delaware

We have had an incredible response to our call for mothers and their children this past month, we have seen a lot of little ones and few teens. Many familiar faces and many new friends as well. Thank you all for sharing your adorable families and getting dressed up again after months and months of staying at home in pajamas! If you are like me, you have spent a LOT of time with your children over the past months and although it is challenging at times, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s been a true gift to spend time with my boys. We have all been forced to slow down, I have found myself making large elaborate breakfasts and I have that time to chat and enjoy my three boys. The series i’ve been working on celebrates moms and their children (not to discount what dad’s have been doing!) Moms are the ones usually taking the photos of their kids so I wanted to let them have an opportunity to be celebrated with their children. We are never in the photos as much as we should be. This is a true gift to your children when they grow up, they will cherish these captured moments for a lifetime. Here are some favorites!

photograph of a mother and her children celebrating mothers
mother with her daughter and son in a black and white portrait by award winning portrait photographer Kelli Wilke
mother and her twin daughters black and white portrait
mother and her two daughters black and white portrait celebrating moms
mothers with her son and daughter black and white portrait
mother joking with her boys in a black and white studio portrait
mother with her young son in a black and white portrait
mother with her two young daughters in a black and white portrait
mother with her daughter and son in a studio portrait
mother with daughter and son in a black and white portrait
mother and daughter studio portrait in black and white

I had such a hard time taking this down to a handful of photos, there were so many precious little laughs and giggles. I hope these inspire you to not wait to have your photos captured with your children, it’s important to preserve the memories, they truly grow too fast.

We are still taking a few more Mothers and Their Children Session, to apply click here.



headshot of Kelli Wilke

Kelli Wilke is a fine art portrait and wedding photographer based in Wilmington, Delaware and Jackson, Wyoming.



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